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We are pioneering wearable technology to increase cognition, produce positive mental states and treat symptoms of neurodisorders

Our innovations are at the intersection of Neuroscience, Engineering and Artificial Intelligence

Our Story

The ancient, mind-changing method of Neurostimulation was re-discovered in the 21st century with the rise of Neuroscience.

Until recently, Neurostimulation has been considered a complex and difficult operation that only doctors and Neuroscientists could apply. Today we often see science driving a selfish path towards its own improvement, that does not cover immediate needs of everyday life. Current solutions lack in the application and user experience layers, and are unusable by anyone other than specialists. Instead of listening to science’s demands, we listened to the people.

Getting in the right state of mind is always the first step to great results! People spend a significant amount of time and effort to get into a positive mood, 'in the zone' and 'in the flow', in order to execute their goals. Non-invasive Neurostimulation can achieve this better, faster and cheaper, and can be used by everyone.

We are bridging the gap between Neuroscience and everyday life to enable people to access all the amazing benefits of Neurostimulation, and gain full control of their mental performance. Join us in creating a smarter, autonomous world for everyone!

Simon Chatzigiannis
Co-Founder & CEO of NeuCogni
Our Story Our Story

Our Mission

Our Mission
To create products that integrate Neurotechnology into everyday life, and which empower people to overcome psychological limitations, break capability barriers, and live to their fullest potential. Our products aim to:​​​​​​​​

  • Increase Cognition: Fulfill modern lifestyle requirements for increased productivity, performance and intellect
  • Produce Positive Mental States: Cover the emerging need to experience and change mental states using technology
  • Improve Mental Health: Provide safe, cost-efficient solutions to tackle unsolved and stubborn neurological problems

Our Vision

Our Vision
To increase human quality of life and extend the human positive lifespan; to build a world where people can have:

  • Autonomy & Control of their cognitive and behavioural performance
  • Decreased Time & Effort to Adjust to new psychological states
  • Improved Productivity and Performance suited to their modern, demanding lifestyle

Stimulating Benefits

Learn Faster

Decrease time to Attain Expertise The largest effects on learning yet reported

Enhance Cognitive Abilities

Increase Problem-solving, Logic, Verbal & Visual skills

Increase Working Memory

Improve Language learning, Face & Visual recall

Experience New Mental States

Increase Creativity, Attention and Focus

Stabilize Psychological Characteristics

Increase Emotional fluency and Deception skills Reduce Fear response

Withdraw Addictions

Reduce desire for Smoking, Drugs, Alcohol and Gambling

Reduce Cravings

Reduce Food intake by up to 17.5%, Minimize Appetite for sweets, carbs and binge eating

Relieve Chronic Pain

Reduce Pain intensity Increase Quality of life

Fight Depression

Increase Positive emotions Treat cases resisting to antidepressants

Neurotech Origins

The first evidence of Neurostimulation comes from Ancient Greece around 400 BC. Hippocrates, the "father of medicine", discovered that situating a live torpedo fish (a type of ray capable of emitting electricity) over a patient’s could relieve headaches.

A large number of clinical studies conducted in the last two decades using technological equivalents have attested to the effectiveness of Neurostimulation, and the lack of serious side effects.
Neurotech Origins



Our Stimulating World

Our Stimulating World

Neurostimulation from Ancient times until today, by Simon Chatzigiannis, 8th Nov 2018

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Simon Chatzigiannis

Chief Executive Officer

ex Finance IT Consultant / QA Manager, Author, 3 x Founder

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VP @ Allied Pharma, 2 x Founder

Sanil Doshi

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Scientific Advisor

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